passcorepro | Change Log

2 Jun 2020


- Fixed security breaches when resetting passwords. - Fixed session data elimination when changing passwords.
30 May 2020


- Fixed issue with the Twilio Country code formatting, fetching and verification process. - Fixed issue with notification info fetching for reset password. - Fixed error with installation
22 May 2020


* Added new checking for mobile phones if they include the country phone code. * Fixed country codes dictionary * Added links to ISO 3166 to help users search for Country codes.
15 May 2020


Upgrade minor issues with LDAP Access.
18 Mar 2020


New: *The web app page title know can be customized using the "Title to show in the application" setting from the branding form inside the Web Application module in the Admin app. Fixes: *The reset password wizard now validates that the account is not disabled to allow a user to continue the process. *Fixed a small error with the web application's storage.
5 Mar 2020


Fixes: *Major bug with directory connection.
26 Feb 2020


New: * Added visibility setting for user attributes. Fixes: * Fixed error with user attributes order. * Fixed "Editable Info" from Branding form.
18 Feb 2020


Fixes: *Fixed error at reset password.
17 Feb 2020


Fixes: *Fixed change password bug. *Fixed reset password wizard bug at setting the new password. *Fixed installer critical error.
6 Feb 2020


New: *Improved domain properties' explorer. Fixes: *Fixed error at not using credentials for the SMTP provider.
30 Jan 2020


*Custom translations now are preserved at updating passcorepro. *Logo size is now customizable (search for the editors inside the Branding form in the Web Application module inside the admin app).
23 Jan 2020


*Improved reset password codes' complexity. *Improved reset password mechanism. *Added password requirements list in change/reset password form that will be displayed if the current AD has enabled the "Password must meet complexity requirements" policy. *Improved admin app modules' visual aspect. *Added links to visit the passcorepro's blog and our new passcorepro's FAQ section, in the troubleshooting module inside the admin app.
13 Jan 2020


*Added recipient field for test connection in the "HTTP Request" in the SMS form. *Improved Headers and Queries editors in the "HTTP Request" in the SMS form. *Improved messages retrieved by SMS' service provider at testing connection in the "HTTP Request" in the SMS form. *Added "Allow Untrusted SSL" field in the "HTTP Request" in the SMS form.
10 Jan 2020


*Fixed mistranslations in french. *Fixed bug with "user must change password" functionality. *Added Ip banning system to prevent brute force attacks.
7 Jan 2020


* Fixed bug with force reset password dialog. * Fixed bug with connection credentials. * Improved data encryption.
2 Jan 2020


Fixed an issue introduced in the last revision related to UI responsiveness.
30 Dec 2019


Fixed major error at reset password wizard. Improved Headers and Queries editor in the HTTP request form SMS service.
26 Dec 2019


Fixed bug at changing identity type.
17 Dec 2019


* "Single form mode" is now available, this feature allows passcorepro works as a simple form to change/reset password to users.
16 Dec 2019


*Fixed bug with the reset password wizard.
4 Dec 2019


*The security was upgraded by encrypting all credentials. *The user can now test the connection with the settings he is using for Twilio and the SMTP.
27 Nov 2019


The Change password process was refactorized to incorporate a call to ChangePassword before SetPassword AD Functions. ChangePassword validates all the AD Password Policies where SetPassword bypasses them.
18 Nov 2019


*Fixed bug with setting the folder path the save the logs.
15 Nov 2019


* Fixed bug with user attributes form.
14 Nov 2019


* Fixed bugs in User Attributes form. * Fixed bugs in Languages form.
11 Nov 2019


LDAP user credentials can be encrypted. SMS text sent by Twilio now can be customized (premium account required) Added "resetpassword" and "userName" query strings to call the reset password wizard and to set the value of the user name field automatically respectively.
29 Oct 2019


*Solved issues with license module. *Solved issues with log files.
16 Oct 2019


* Fixed small issues with change password for UPN identity format. * Fixed issue with ReCaptcha.
9 Oct 2019


*Fixed bug at change/reset password.
2 Oct 2019


* Add ZXCVBN password strength validation in the server-side. * Add support to SSL connections to AD (LDAP) server. * Add the optional feature to unlock locked accounts before change passwords.
10 Sep 2019


*Port number now can be edited directly from the branding form. *Footer text now can be edited directly from the branding form.
4 Sep 2019


*Fixed minor bug in adding dropdowns editors' options for user attributes.