Choosing the URL for passcorepro’s website | passcorepro

By lorenzoinfante - 9/10/2020

Unfortunately, we still don't have a manual user's installation process but we can share with you some details about the URL which can be set up on passcorepro

passcorepro uses is own embedded web-server which can serve requests coming from LAN or WAN. To access this web-server an URL is needed, this URL is going to be used for your users to access passcorepro and reset their password or see other domain information. 

If the installation of passcorepro is on an Internal Server (used for Local Network) we have these kinds of configurations:

Set http://localhost or http://NameOfYourServer using these URLs your users in your LAN should type the IP or the name of your server follow by the defined port in order to access the application.

Set using this kind of URL your Internal DNS should be able to solve the name in your LAN in order to access the server and the application.

If the installation of passcorepro is on a server accessible from Internet, the rules should be basically the same as the second point above; just you should have a valid domain name and added it in your DNS provider next to your server’s public IP

Note: Remember for both configurations your firewalls should be opened for serving requests in the defined port which is 8686 by default