Accepting Self-Signed Certificate | passcorepro

By lorenzoinfante - 9/10/2020

You need to add the Active Directory Self-Signed Certificate generated in the server where passcorepro is installed.

To do this make these steps in the Active Directory Server:

  1. Execute mmc on Run command: ADServer passcorepro
  2. That will open a console root, click on “File” and then on “Add/Remove Snap-in” and add “Certificates” and “Certification Authority” both choosing Local Computer and click ok. ADServer passcorepro
  3. Under Certificates node expand Personal → Certificates and right click the certificate issued to your Certification Authority if you do not know which is, open the Certification Authority and you will see the correct Name. ADServer passcorepro
  4. Select All tasks → Export… ADServer passcorepro
  5. In the Window Certificate Export Wizard, click on Next.
  6. Select the option “Yes, export the private Key” and click Next. ADServer passcorepro
  7. In the next window select “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible” and “Export all extended properties” and click Next. ADServer passcorepro
  8. In the next window select the option Password and type a password. (Don’t forget this password) ADServer passcorepro
  9. In this window click in the button Browse this will open a “save as” window to place the certificate and its name. Type the name and click on save, then click on Next. ADServer passcorepro
  10. In the last window will show you the settings and just click on Finish a window will say that the export was successful. ADServer passcorepro
  11. Copy the saved Certificate and paste it in the Server where passcorepro is installed.
  12. Double click the Certificate and will prompt a “Certificate Import Wizard”, select the option “Local Machine” and click Next. ADServer passcorepro
  13. In the Next Window will tell you the path where the Certificate is located, click on Next. ADServer passcorepro
  14. In the next window, Type the password you typed in the export wizard, and select “Include all extended properties”. ADServer passcorepro
  15. In the next window, select “Place all certificates in the following store”, in the “Select Certificate Store” window select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” and click ok, then click on Next. ADServer passcorepro
  16. In the last Window click on Finish. ADServer passcorepro
  17. In the mmc verify that the certificate was imported successful. ADServer passcorepro