Change password vs Reset password | passcorepro

By manuelsantos - 5/15/2020

Change the password

The process for changing the password, which involves: 1- Login. 2- Start the process of changing the password.

When changing a password, the user must keep in mind that PassCorePro uses AD domain policies, meaning that the app checks for domain policies, so they are bind to set a complex password. This could mean that the new password value cannot be a previous password or the user's username. This the regular scenario by which a user can change their password.

AD Instruction ChangePassword

Reset the password

The process to reset a password is when a user cannot login to the app, so they have to rely to reset their password to access the app. Via this process, the user will create a new password that is not bind to the domain's password policies, so the password can be whatever the user writes. This process does involve a couple more security measures to compensate the lack of domain policies, such as a search on the server for the user, the mailing of a PIN code through SMS or Email.

AD Instruction SetPassword

Policies not showing up?

Several users may seem to have a policy that prevents new passwords to be certain values, such as the user's first name, user's username or a previous password, and still detect how several users may have bypassed this policies by resetting their password. Though this may look as an oversight, the objective is to let users enter the app in a rapid way, only ensuring by the security measures that they are requesting this resetting.

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