Setting LDAP for assetcore inventory

By manuelsantos - 1/30/2020

Though it's a vital part of any organization, the registry of personnel can consume so much time.

So LDAP was then created, and it made our lives easier.

To save the organizations some time in creating systems to register their staff, LDAP offers a way to keep all the necessary data of their employees, including email, passwords, office phone, etc. With that same information, wouldn't it be cool if one app can give you that info without so much hassle? Lucky for you, there is one; assetcore.

LDAP and inventories?

Since LDAP is used everywhere to keep staff's data up to date, assetcore makes use of a connection to LDAP to access the organization┬┤s personnel data when assigning computer and equipment ownerships. It's easy. Users on LDAP have an IP and MAC address which you can use to assign the correct user to that equipment. This helps users to locate equipment in any area of the office, secure which equipment is active and which is in storing.

How can I do that?

  1. LDAP connection

step01-basic info

All the necessary data to connect to your LDAP server and get the staff data you may need to establish synchronization for data fetching.

The LDAP server you will

The port in which all computers will searched and synchronized

The username to access LDAP server.

User password to access LDAP server.

Bases used to locate computers.

Filters use to leave equipment out of the search


  1. User synchronization


User synchronization is pretty self-explanatory, but to give a little insight, it performs a synchronization of your users data, giving you full access to the computer they handle in your organization, their IP, MAC Address. With this data, you can assign the ownership of the computer to the correct user, which may also help users keep track of the location of the computer.

Bases utilized to search for users on LDAP

Filters to leave out any user.

Period in minutes in which a new synchronization will be performed

It can be yours to try!

assetcore is a very useful tool to keep track of any organization's inventory and offers powerful and easy-to-use tools.

Give a try! You can find it here.