Password has expired | Unosquare passcorepro

By ramiroflores - 11/18/2019

Password expiration is the concept of the "Password Policy" to limit the length of time that a user can continue to use the same password.

Once the password is expired, it must be changed to prevent possible security risks.

The expiration time is set by the administrator, this means that the users haven't knowledge of this.

So, how a user could now when he needs to change his password?

Well, in passcorepro we implement the "Reminders" functionality, which will notify users with an expired password or a password about to expired that's time to set a new password.

How does it work?

Once the functionality is activated, it will search in your directory for user with expired password and/or user which password is about to expire (by determined number of days before expiring, which you can set), it will search for its email and will send a mail with a message to notify they have to set a new password.

How do I configure this?

It's pretty easy, first, go to the Notifications module in the Admin app, you will see the following:


Once there, turn on the "Send Reminders" switch.

Send Reminders

After turning it on, the next fields of the form will be enabled, the first will be the "Include Expired Passwords" switch, which when is activated, will search for the users which password has already expired. The second is the "Days To Send Password Change Reminder" field, which allows you to set the specific number of days previous to password expiration in which the email with the remainder will be sent.

Extra notations:

This functionality depends on an SMTP, which should be configured in the Email form of the Integration module of the Admin app. If you have doubts on how to configure it, you can read this blog entry.

You can customize the reminder body and subject by searching and editing the "Template_ReminderBody" and the Template_ReminderSubject" labels in the Languages form of the Web Application module in the admin app.