Add SSL | Unosquare passcorepro

By ramiroflores - 11/17/2019

When you're a Windows user, it is quite probable that you find the "RPC server is unavailable" error at trying to connect passcorepro to your directory. This error occurs in situations involving communication between two or more machines through a network.

So, what is RPC?

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call, which utilizes inter-processing communication technology for Windows processes within a network. RPC works based on a client-server communication model, wherein the client and server need not always be a different machine.

What causes the problem?

There are many possible reasons why this error can appear, but talking about passcorepro, the main cause is the Firewalls. A third-party firewall or any other security application running on a server, or a client, might sometimes block the traffic from reaching the server on its TCP ports due to, resulting in the interruption of RPCs.

What to do if you get this error?

Well, an easy way to fix this is adding an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to LDAP connection, at doing this, passcorepro will tell the firewall is a secure connection and doesn't have to be blocked, this will fix the RPC error.

How can you do this? Easy, just go the Connection form in the Active Directory module in the passcorepro admin app, search for the "Use Secure Socket Layer" switch and turn it on.


Easy as that, you have fixed the RPC error.