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By ramiroflores - 10/17/2019

When you are working with AD, it's a very recurrent scenario that some user locks his account. Usually, this requires that the administrator have to manually unlock it and this will cause a waste of time.

In passcorepro, we believed that the administrators need as much help as possible. In this specific scenario, we can help you. how? you may ask, well, if the user causes the problem, the user should be able to solve it, right?

Using passcorepro you can allow your users to unlock their account by themselves!

We call this the amazing "Unlock locked account at changing password" feature (quite a creative name, we know).

When this feature is enabled, a user with a locked account only needs to change/reset its password and at the same time, the password is changed it and the account is unlocked. So, this means no more "I locked my account" support tickets for the administrator, now you are free.

If you can't wait to test this feature, you only need to follow these steps:

Unlock Account

After complete these long and complicated steps, your users now can unlock their accounts.