'User has no method for PIN' | Unosquare passcorepro

By ramiroflores - 9/18/2019

This is a very recurrent scenario in passcorepro. But, what does this exactly mean?

This error appears when a user tries to reset her/his password. To reset the password passcorepro needs to validate the person doing it is the account's owner. To do this, the user needs to verify her/his identity with a PIN code that passcorepro will send to her/him.

passcorepro has two ways to send the PIN code, the first one is sending it to the user's cellphone by SMS (using Twilio's Verify API) and the other one, is sending an email to the user using an SMTP's service. The user must choose one of these services.

Both ways require some user's information. The SMS way requires a cellphone number and a country code (in ISO 3166 format) and the SMTP requires an email address.

No matter which option is chosen, the required information will be always read from the LDAP which passcorepro is connected to.

By default, the information will be gathered from the following attributes:

So, when does the error appear?

When there's no value at mail and countryCode fields, the error shows up because passcorepro has no way to validate the user identity.

So if you want to use the reset password feature, please be sure your user has the required information.