Using Gmail's SMTP | Unosquare passcorepro

By ramiroflores - 9/17/2019

passcorepro has features that require an SMTP server to work.

A free and one of the most used options for SMTP Servers is the one provided by Google, Gmail SMTP, but, how can I use it with passcorepro?

It's pretty simple and it only takes 3 steps to configure it:

Gmail SMTP view

So, that should be everything, right? Well, not exactly, even when you have set all the required information, there a little problem called, "third-party apps security politics" from Google.

What does that mean? In a few words, due to Google's security policies, passcorepro is not allowed to use your account data, so it can't use SMTP... unlesss you allowed it. To allow it, follow this link and turn on the switch.

And that's it, passcorepro can use the Gmail SMTP server.