Twilio | Unosquare passcorepro

By ramiroflores - 8/29/2019

Everyone has felt the pain of forgot a password, most of the time you have to contact an administrator to reset that password, which causes an undesired waste of time.

That's why using passcorepro this can be avoided, leaving the user to reset its password by itself.

Allow passcorepro reset your password

To do it, passcorepro only needs the username and a validation code. This validation code is sent via SMS using Verify services from Twilio. For this reason, some configurations must be set in the admin app before using it. Among them a valid SID and a valid AuthToken from Twilio.

Configure Twilio

To get this Twilio info you need a Twilio account and access to your console.

Once there, you will see the following:


Copy the values from:

Twilio Setup

And paste in its corresponding place in the passcorepro admin app:


Also, you need to provide two Active Directory attributes names: