Enterprise Organization Chart | Unosquare passcorepro

By manuelsantos - 7/15/2019

As a way to help users to search for any coworkers or to consult the inner hierarchy of their organization, passcorepro handles the hierarchy within the user's data screen. This is handled in the Organization Chart, and it shows the user their direct manager and reporters.

The Organization Chart is a tool implemented in passcorepro that serves the purpose of showing the users the hierarchy of their workteam and also a quick access to their co-workers contact info, in case they need it.

As shown in the image below, the Organization Chart shows a preview in the user's information page, showing a descending hierarchy as:

Organization Chart Preview

The way it works is by showing the user's direct staff hierarchy organized in a chart on their profile page. This chart consists on the user's direct manager and their direct reporters. The manager represents, just as the name says, the user's direct boss or the person in charge of them. By only assigning a name in AD as Manager, the person will be connected as a manager. Currently, the Organization Chart hierarchy shows only one direct manager, as Active Directory only permits one user connection as Manager. Direct reporters represent the staff members that are under the user's charge. This means the user will appear as the manager in the reporter's own Organization Chart.

To show the whole hierarchy map, there is an option to deploy a modal dialog that contains a full view of the hierarchy, where you can also consult the personal information of the users that are part of the user's hierarchy:

Organization Chart Dialogs

To consult their info, just click on their image and their details will appear on the right. Any detail that the user is missing, WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE DIALOG. Below, you can see how these details may appear:

Organization Chart Details

The details that appear depend on the Administrator, so if you need to check information for a certain user and you can't access to their info, contact your helpdesk or Administrator to get the information you may need.