Reverse proxy | passcorepro

By geoperez - 7/12/2019

The easiest way to use SSL for Passcorepro is using IIS as a reverse proxy, IIS has a better handling for certificates and their manipulation. 

To create a reverse proxy we need to have installed IIS in the server as well as two extra modules: 

  1. URL Rewrite 

  2. Application Request Routing 

Once we have installed all the requirements, we proceed to configure the site 

Open the IIS and select your Server in the right panel. Inside the subpanel IIS, select the module Application Request Routing.

Application Request Routing

Open the module “Application Request Routing” in the “Actions” panel, click on Server Proxy Settings…

Server Proxy Settings

Enable the proxy option and apply changes.

Enable the proxy option

Select your Web Site which will be used for redirecting to Passcorepro and click on bindings, add the type https, type your domain, select the port to be used (443 by default) and choose the certificate that you have added to IIS.

Select your Web Site

The next step is to create a rule to redirect the request from this website to Passcorepro, to do that open the URL Rewrite module.

Create a rule to redirect

Inside URL Rewrite click on “Add Rule(s)…” in the prompt window select “Reverse Proxy” and click “ok” .

Reverse Proxy

In the prompt window “Add Reverse Proxy Rules” add the URL of Passcorepro in this case Passcorepro is installed in the same server running in the por 8686, verify the option “Enable SSL Offloading” is checked and click ok.

Add Reverse Proxy Rules

Test it typing your domain in your browser; in my case is it will open Passcorepro login screen.