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By alexocampo - 7/3/2019

If you have been involved in Active Directory management you might be aware of the pain that is keeping user information up-to-date. Managing a large Active Directory itself is not easy. There are several tasks to care about while doing this job. One of them is to maintain an up-to-date Directory.

What you would normally do is to ask each user for his information: personal information, contact information, etc. Granting access for some users to help on this task might be cumbersome. Creating a web application to take care of this task can be time consuming and you will need to take care of several things in order to deploy it successfully. What if you could just ask the user to do it? What if, instead of trying to implement a mechanism to get user information, you could simply provide a link where users could do it by themselves?

passcorepro can definitely help you

Fortunately, passcorepro gives you the ability to let users update their information without comprimising the security and integrity of your Active Directory infrastructure. Users can directly access passcorepro with their domain credentials and update their information.

Updating user Last Name

The control is yours

But we don't want to simply provide the ability to update user information, we also care about the details. You might want your users being able to update their information but not all the information. passcorepro can be configured to allow specific Active Directory fields to be editable. You may allow your users to change their contact details but not their email, for example.

You can specify which information:

Editing user attribute

So, with passcorepro you have control over the information you want to show to your users, the information you allow them to edit and the best of all, they can do all this by themselves in the same place in a safe way.

Customize the way users edit their information

When modifying information you should care about that information you're gathering. That's why passcorepro not only gives you the ability to determine which information to show or allow to be modified, you can also specify what kind of editor you want for it. You don't need to present all your information in a plain text field. You need a field with a YES/NO answer? It's fine, you can use the Boolean editor. You need the user to select an answer from a list? No problem, use the DropDown editor.

User attribute editors