Update profile picture | Unosquare passcorepro

By manuelsantos - 7/2/2019

Your profile is your presentation card, the tool that shows you to the rest of your co-workers. So it's important to show the right picture to accompany your personal data. But, how do we do this?

First Step

Thinking of the needs for an organization to have a way to present their staff's data and with the use of Active Directory, passcorepro helps users to edit their info and manage their profile. However, the level of information they can edit depends on their administrator's settings. Some attributes can be edited right away, but for others you may need to make a request to your helpdesk so you can edit them.

So we will now center on modifying the profile picture. To do that, make sure to follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you got the right permissions

First, make sure that you have permissions to edit your user attributes. Simply hover over your profile picture and a message will pop-up over your avatar to let you know that you can edit your profile picture. Then click on your current profile picture at the top of the page. Note: If you lack the permissions to edit your data, contact your administrator at your organization's helpdesk email.


2. Select a file of your preference

Next, a dialog will prompt you to select or drag an image file that will be used as profile picture. As of now, passcorepro only admits JPG/JPEG and PNG image files. Any other file extension will be ignored. You can set pictures of any size, since passcorepro has an integrated functionality to reduce the memory size of the image while conserving its original resolution.

Select Image

3. Adjust the image to your needs

Is your image too big and you think you can't use it as profile picture? Do not panic because there's a solution for that issue. passcorepro integrates an image cropper tool, so you can adjust any image to your needs and you can see the result of the cropping and see how your profile will look. This tool also resizes the image to be always lower than 100MB, so it doesn't take too much space. If you want to start over, you can cancel your selection by pressing the cancel button.

Edit Image

Once you cropped your image to your liking, just confirm your selection and it's done! Now your profile picture will change and be reflected in your profile.

With this, you can manage the data that is present on your profile, so you can create the perfect presentation card with the rest of your organization's staff.