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18 Sep 2019

'User has no method for PIN' | Unosquare passcorepro

This is a very recurrent scenario in passcorepro. But, what does this exactly mean?

This error appears when a user tries to reset her/his password. To reset the password passcorepro needs to va...

17 Sep 2019

Using Gmail's SMTP | Unosquare passcorepro

passcorepro has features that require an SMTP server to work.

A free and one of the most used options for SMTP Servers is the one provided by Google, Gmail SMTP, but, how can I use it with ...

4 Sep 2019

What's inside? | Unosquare passcorepro

So you might be using passcorepro already, and you might ask yourself how is passcorepro changing a password? We both know there is not magic, only some old and good code working with well-known lib...

29 Aug 2019

Twilio | Unosquare passcorepro

Everyone has felt the pain of forgot a password, most of the time you have to contact an administrator to reset that password, which causes an undesired waste of time.

That's why using passcore...

5 Aug 2019

Localization | Unosquare passcorepro

In this day and age, it's important to deliver an app that can display it's contents in several languages. When developing passcore-pro, our goal was to create a tool that not only can help anyo...

15 Jul 2019

Enterprise Organization Chart | Unosquare passcorepro

As a way to help users to search for any coworkers or to consult the inner hierarchy of their organization, passcorepro handles the hierarchy within the user's data screen. This is handled in the ...

12 Jul 2019

Reverse proxy | Unosquare passcorepro

passcorepro runs in a lightweight webserver from Unosquare named EmbedIO. This web server has a small memory footprint and it's a reliable solution to most sc...

3 Jul 2019

Update user information | Unosquare passcorepro

If you have been involved in Active Directory management you might be aware of the pain that is keeping user information up-to-date. Managing a large Active Directory itself is not easy. There a...

2 Jul 2019

Update profile picture | Unosquare passcorepro

Your profile is your presentation card, the tool that shows you to the rest of your co-workers. So it's important to show the right picture to accompany your personal data. But, how do we do this?...